29 DEC 2016 Alteogen patents
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12/29/16 Stable liquid formulation of fusion protein with igg fc domain
04/28/16 Composition for stabilizing protein and pharmaceutical formulation comprising the same
04/14/16 Modified antibody in which motif comprising cysteine residue is bound, modified antibody-drug conjugate comprising the modified antibody, and production same
11/05/15 Composition for stabilizing fusion protein in which protein and fc domain are fused
05/07/15 Highly glycosylated long-acting human growth hormone protein and production same
12/18/14 Novel alpha-1 antitrypsin variant, preparation method thereof and use thereof
04/19/12 In vivo half life increased fusion protein or peptide maintained by sustained in vivo release, and increasng in vivo half-life using same